About us

TextileDiscounter.co.uk is part of the Podobrace Group and was founded to always offer customers the best quality towels and textile products on the market at the best possible price. With our unique contacts, exclusive contracts and decades of experience in the textile market, we have been supplying textiles to the biggest retailers in Europe for years, and now we want our customers to benefit from this!

Looking at these unique features and inputs, we can proudly say that no one on the market can now offer this price-quality ratio that we as TextileDiscounter stand for! At the same time, we at TextileDiscounter also find it essential that not only our customers, but also the entire chain benefits from this. From cotton farmer to end customer. That’s why all towels and products offered on TextileDiscounter also bear the OEKO TEX, OEKO TEX Made in Green, BSCI and the Better Cotton™ hallmark. This label ensures that cotton farmers get a better price for their cotton, and therefore can manufacture higher quality cotton. This is better for the farmer, and the product. Therefore, at TextileDiscounter, we only sell top quality products and always for the lowest price!

Nowhere cheaper! But how can we be so cheap?

The buyers at TextileDiscounter have a combined experience of more than 100 years in textiles and have had exclusive contracts with textile suppliers for years, which means the textiles are bought directly from the source. As a result, our customers always benefit from the most competitive price on the market and the best quality. Because of these unique contracts, TextileDiscounter can, together with the suppliers, not only always guarantee the quality of the product, but also the lowest price! And that’s what we want our customers to benefit from!  So at TextileDiscounter we always have b2b prices for a b2c customer, and who doesn’t want that!

Better Cotton™

All towels offered on TextielDiscounter.com are made from the very softest organic cotton from Pakistan and are labelled Better Cotton™. Better Cotton™ is the world’s largest cotton sustainability programme with the aim of helping cotton communities survive and thrive. This helps cotton farmers and ensures higher quality cotton, and ultimately higher quality towels. In this way, we at TextielDiscounter are trying to do our bit to create a nicer and fairer environment for cotton farmers in Pakistan.

Would you like more information about Better Cotton™? Then click here for more information on their website.

Fastest delivery and free shipping from!

Ordering our lovely towels and textile products is easy via our website. Ordered before 10:59 PM, delivered to your home within the next 3 – 5 working days! Ordered above £25,00? Then the shipping costs are free! Because at TextileDiscounter.co.uk, the customer always comes first!

Best service guaranteed

Besides our high-quality products, we also offer the highest quality service at TextileDiscounter. Our team is always there for you. This means that we are available by phone, chat and email every weekday. So with us, you never have to wait long to get your question answered.

Furthermore, we naturally offer a 14-day cooling-off period and a “Not good, money back” guarantee on all our products! This means you can always return your purchased products to us should your order unexpectedly fail to meet your expectations.

So don’t wait any longer and experience the difference now at TextileDiscounter.co.uk