Better Cotton™

All towels offered on are made from the very softest organic cotton from Pakistan and have the Better Cotton™ label. Better Cotton™ is the world’s largest cotton sustainability programme with the aim of helping cotton communities survive and thrive. This helps cotton farmers and ensures higher quality cotton, and ultimately higher quality towels. In this way, we at TextileDiscounter are trying to do our bit to create a nicer and fairer environment for cotton farmers in Pakistan.

What exactly does the Better Cotton Initiative do?

Better Cotton™ imposes requirements on cultivation for cotton production. In doing so, Better Cotton™ does not prescribe specific methods or technologies, but lets farmers/plantations choose which method of sustainable cultivation suits them best. Because each farmer lives in different places, with different water supplies, etc., Better Cotton™ really helps farmers to make a sustainable choice. This really helps farmers make a difference with the facilities they have at hand. The focus is on continuous improvement.

In terms of the environment, Better Cotton™ sets the following requirements:

  • Raw material and fibre production: minimal use of pesticides, efficient water use (but no ban on cultivation in water-scarce regions), attention to soil health and protection of natural habitats.

In terms of people and work, the label sets the following requirements:

  • Raw material and fibre production: no child and forced labour, workers have the right to unionize, acceptable working hours, minimum wages and healthy and safe working conditions.

Want further information about Better Cotton™? Then click here for more information on their website.