The towel guide

14 July 2022,

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There are many different types of towels. And all these towels should be used for something else. But what is used for what? We have the answer to that. In our towel guide, you will find an overview of all the different types of towels, their sizes and what they are used for. For convenience, we work from small to large

The flannel

The flannel is one of the most widely used washing products in the world. The opening between the two pieces of terry cloth gives the user room to put the hand inside. This allows it to be used with ease and less water is wasted during use. The size of a flannel is 16 × 21 cm.

The guest towel

A small hand towel is also called a guest towel. These are often found in hotels or luxury restaurants in the bathroom or toilet. There is often a pile of these because originally guest towels were meant to be used once, to be washed afterwards. The size of a guest towel is 30 × 50 cm.

The kitchen towel

With its square shape, the kitchen towel is used all over the world to dry hands in the kitchen. Besides the kitchen towel, a special cloth is also used in the kitchen to dry dishes. This is called the tea towel. It is usually not used to dry hands, which is what the kitchen towel is for, as they are made of terry cloth. The size of a kitchen towel is 50 × 50 cm.

The towel

Between the kitchen towel and the bath towel is the original hand towel. This is used in the average household at the sink, where the face and hands are dried with it. However, it is already rectangular instead of square like the kitchen towel. The size of the towel is 50 × 100 cm.

The bath towel

The bath towel is used in the average household in the bathroom. With its rectangular shape, it is used to dry the whole body, face and hair after bathing or showering. The bath towel has many different variants and quality levels. If you are eager to know more about what makes a good towel, click here. The size of a bath towel is 70 × 140 cm.

The sauna towel

The sauna towel can be found in hotels, saunas and spas. This variety is used not only to dry off, but also to wear around the whole body after a visit to the bathroom or spa. These are often heavy and thick, as they need to absorb a lot of moisture. This gives the user the desired feeling of luxury. The size of the sauna towel is 70 × 200 cm.

The bath towel

The largest variant of the towel family is the bath towel. The bath towel is also called the beach towel because it lends itself perfectly to use at the beach or swimming pool. Lying on it to dry off, get a tan or have a nap are examples of what the bath towel is used for. The size of the bath towel is 100 x 150