What the way you fold your towel says about your personality

12 September 2022,

leestijd: < 1 min

As crazy as it sounds, but it’s true. The way you fold your towel says a lot about who you are as a person. Are you an organized, messy or very pragmatic person? This is reflected in how you do certain things in life. This ranges from which drink you order to how you fold your laundry. Below, we have listed the four most common folding ways and their characteristics.

The roll

If you fold your towel once vertically and then roll it further, you are applying the roll way. The towel roll is the fastest and most efficient way to fold a towel. In your life, everything has to happen quickly, otherwise your patience will be long gone. You have many different pursuits. You like nothing better than a full day without sitting still. You are not afraid of difficult tasks and love challenges. In your group of friends, you are the daredevil and are not afraid to speak up if you don’t like what you see.

The shopaholic

When you double-fold your towel vertically and then fold it horizontally three times, you use shop manners. You like precision work, and you either do something well or you don’t. Innately, you are a hard worker and only stop when you have achieved your goal. Within the group of friends, you are the organizer. You plan all the outings, weekends away and holidays. Your friends will not lack anything because you have perfectly planned and organized everything in advance.

The easy square

One vertical double and one horizontal double results in a simple square. This is the most innocent way of folding. You are a person who is naturally quite messy in spirit. You are also very practical and try everything to constantly improve yourself. You prefer to see everything around you working well and put time into the things that you think need improvement. You prefer to spend your time on something else and want to get rid of laundry as soon as possible. In the group of friends, you are the creative one of the bunch. Surprises, original presents or poems during Saint Nicholas time? Your friends are always knocking on your door.

The perfect rectangle

Do you fold your towel vertically halfway and then in through both sides? Then you create the perfect rectangle during your folding sessions. Your mother probably taught you that as a child. This way has stuck, and you yourself don’t like change. You are a systematic and patient person. In the group of friends, you always deliver the advice when needed. You are always there for others, and you are the mother figure in your friend group. You always offer a listening ear and you have a caring nature.