Tips and tricks for your towels

20 August 2022,

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There is no shortage of choice when it comes to towels. Different materials, purposes, softness and size. A wide range to choose from is certainly nice, but it also has its drawbacks. It also certainly comes with many questions. What is the best way to wash my towel? Which colour is best to choose? What is the best material? It can be a bit overwhelming, and then the choice sometimes falls a bit heavy. That’s why we have a few tips here.

Tip #1 Choose a durable colour

Nothing is nicer than when a towel matches perfectly the interior of your bathroom. Of course, it’s even nicer when it has a typical colour, because that stands out nicely. Unfortunately, over time, this nice colour will fade through washing and use. Those once bright red towels now have a washed-out old pink colour. A tip when choosing the colour of your towels is to choose a so-called durable colour. White, beige or light pink are colours that do not fade or change easily and thus last longer.

Tip #2 Check the loops before buying

If you put towels under a microscope, you will see that they are made up of all tiny loops. There are many different variations of these loops. Looking for a high-quality towel that also feels soft? Then look for a ‘double looped’ towel. Double looped is extra fabric, more absorption and a nicer feel on the skin. The best choice is if these are also ‘extra long’ as these are the most durable, meaning you can enjoy your towel for longer.

Tip #3 Never wash your towels together

Since towels are made up of tiny loops, a washing advice for these is not to wash them with garments that have zips or hooks on them. These can get caught and cause the towel to fluff or even break. However, you should wash towels in a well-filled washing drum. Otherwise, they may get fluffy. So, preferably wash many towels in one wash.

Tip #4 Avoid fabric softener!

But a soft towel is what I want, right? So, why should I avoid fabric softener? Well, as appealing as it sounds, fabric softener is the last thing you should add to your laundry. Fabric softener actually makes textiles water-repellent over time. That’s not so useful when it comes to towels, so hence it’s smart to omit fabric softener from now on when washing your towels.

Tip #5 Use vinegar

It might not be the first choice you go for, but vinegar has several benefits when you consider its use during washing. It ensures the towels keep their beautiful colour as well as making them extremely soft. It also benefits your washing machine as it descales, degreases and dissolves soap residue in the pipes. So on your next spin, pour a big splash of vinegar into the fabric softener compartment and experience it for yourself